SARS Among the most common are considered to be influenza, adenovirus, reovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza.They are distinguished by a virus-pathogen and symptoms.For influenza, for example, is characterized by an abrupt onset, body temperature above 38 ° C, aches and muscle weakness, loss of appetite, photophobia, headache, dry nose, Rhinovirus can proceed at a temperature 37-38 ° C, has a strong runny or stuffy nose, and adenovirus- sore throat.
In any case, all of SARS hit the upper respiratory tract, as transmitted by airborne droplets.If you suspect a cold or flu it is best to consult a physician, since only an expert can accurately diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.
viral diseases usually prescribed symptomatic, pathogenic, immunostimulat
ory and antiviral drugs, such as, for example, "AnviMaks."It consists of acetaminophen and ascorbic acid which has antipyretic and analgesic effects, promote normal blood clotting and tissue regeneration.Especially effective is the tool for this kind of acute respiratory viral infections such as influenza.Rimantadine contained in the product, prevents the entry of the virus into the cell and prevents it from spreading throughout the body.Also, the preparation includes protecting vessels and capillaries - and calcium gluconate Rutoside and antihistamine loratadine component that prevents swelling of the mucous.
addition to antiviral drugs used for the treatment of SARS means that eliminate associated symptoms: sore throat, stuffy, runny nose.Fight moist cough when colds and flu are not recommended, as this way the body tries to overcome the virus, but it is important to treat dry cough.
As for SARS symptoms such as fever, it is recommended only to shoot down with the flu.Even in the case where it rises above 39oS.Increased body temperature indicates that the body is fighting the virus - and it is a favorable sign.
Antibiotics taken when SARS can only be achieved if a cold or flu caused by bacterial complications such as bronchitis or otitis media.Anti-virus tools are useless.In any case, can only prescribe antibiotics after a physician survey.
to SARS flowed easily and quickly overcame her body, it is important to reduce physical activity, it is desirable to comply with pastel mode, more sleep, avoid drafts and hypothermia.Disease transmission "on their feet" in any case can not be even a slight cold - it can lead to serious complications.
During SARS, it is important to drink as much fluid warm not too concentrated juices, drinks from the berries, especially raspberries, rose hips, tea with lemon.Should abandon fatty and salty foods, opting for more light and nutritious meals.There are more citrus fruits, apples, so that the body get the vitamins.
When deterioration should consult a doctor.So you need to do and if there is no improvement within a week.It may be necessary to change the treatment regimen, taking into account characteristics of the organism and of the disease.