Wrap in cheesecloth cabbage, grated on a fine grater.Apply a compress to the neck, covered with plastic film.This is to ensure that the useful cabbage juice worked on sore throat, and does not leak out.Wrap a neck scarf or towel for half an hour.After this procedure, pain on swallowing significantly reduced.
Mix equal parts honey, mustard powder and flour.From the resulting dough make a cake and attach it to his throat.Top cover wrap polyethylene and a warm shawl.This tool is very effective, it all night reduces inflammation in the throat and reduces the temperature.
Take a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice.Mix them in a glass.Keep the mixture in the mouth f
or at least ten minutes, and then swallow a few sips.Repeat this procedure as often as possible, and the next day you will feel much better.
Gargle with a solution of sea salt.To make it, you need to mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.Common salt is less effective, but can drop to the resulting solution three drops of iodine.
furatsilina Dissolve the tablet in half a glass of warm water.Gargle as often as possible, this tool is very effective against staphylococci, causing angina .
Peel a clove of garlic, squeeze it into a glass and pour 100 g of boiling water.Let the garlic infuse wait, when it falls to the bottom.Twice an hour dial in your mouth a sip of brew and gargle.Even the most severe angina retreat after treatment for this recipe.
Pour a glass of vodka half a cup of dried marigold flowers and how to let it brew.Gargle a mouthful of tincture, not spitting it as long as possible.Repeat this process every hour, and after two days of ulcers in the throat disappear without a trace.