Influenza can win both modern and folk remedies.Most importantly, to "strangle" the disease at an early stage.You must drink a lot of hot liquid.Suitable milk with honey, tea with lemon, rosehip infusion, cranberry juice and raspberry jam with warm water.It is advisable to juice and jams were homemade.Excess chemicals as preservatives, dyes, thickeners, and other than as a wealth of shops jam and juice, the body in the period of the disease is not required.Doctors recommend the flu to add to your daily allowance of 500 ml of liquid still.Thus, the average adult should drink about 2,75-3 liters of fluid per day.Drinking plenty of fluids to help the body cope with intoxication.
Doctors claim that the flu to win per day is unrealistic.However, adherents of folk remedies treatment of a dif
ferent opinion.For just a few hours to remove the symptoms of the flu, prepare the drink on the basis of salt, lemon and vitamin C. To do this, 1.5 liters of warm boiled water dissolve 1 hr. Liter.salt, add one lemon juice, and 1 g of ascorbic acid.The last ingredient is found in the pharmacy.Stir all the ingredients of the drink and give it a little brew.It should be taken at bedtime, preferably for 2 hours to drink the entire volume of the beverage.Make it better in small sips.By the morning of the flu symptoms will not be a trace.
At the first sign of flu can make a warm foot bath.This method works only if the temperature is high yet.Otherwise, you can make the situation worse.Soar can not only his feet but also his hands.The second option is even more preferable.To do this, fill a basin with water about 37-38 degrees, pre-boil them and put a kettle of water nearby.Dip your hands in a basin so that they were covered with water just above the elbow.Gradually add water from the kettle so that the water temperature rose to 41-42 degrees and kept at this point.The entire procedure lasts about 10 minutes.Then put your hands warm gloves or mittens - they and sleep until morning.Perhaps your manicure more hurt, but the flu certainly come to an end.
Garlic and onions - one of the most popular ingredients in traditional recipes the treatment of influenza.Their effectiveness is tested for centuries.Ways to use these wonderful products are numerous: from the banal to the preparation of eating a variety of tinctures and decoctions.However, for a speedy recovery from the flu is not only useful to eat garlic and onions inside and inhale their fumes.To do this, grate or chop one onion and a few cloves of garlic.Then, without delay, bend and breathe deeply several times their pungent aroma of - alternating breaths the mouth, the nose.The influenza virus is concentrated mainly in the respiratory tract, and therefore inhalation of mineral substances from garlic and onions are extremely effective.
Recover from the flu as soon as possible - the dream of many patients.To carry it out, you should turn to proven clinical trials of drugs that really work.One of these is the Russian drug "AnviMaks."He fights not only with symptoms but also with viruses - this is its advantage over the people's means and symptomatic drugs.Recent removed only flu symptoms, wherein the virus continues to multiply in the body, causing various complications such as pneumonia, otitis media, meningitis.Composition "AnviMaks" patented.It includes rimantadine - antiviral agent, paracetamol has antipyretic properties, strengthen the walls of capillaries and vessels Rutoside gluconate and calcium, as well as Vitamin C and loratadine preventing tissue swelling.
For a speedy recovery should pay attention to your diet.In the period of the disease should eat less fatty foods and small meals 4 - 6 times a day.If possible, give preference to light broth, vegetable dishes, fruits of the season.If within three days you do not feel relief, call the doctor at home.