Bought drug put in a dry dark place far away from the bed.Store this medication in the refrigerator is not recommended.The optimum storage temperature - 25 ° C, at higher temperatures, "Terzhinan" loses its properties.Storage life - not more than 3 years from the date of manufacture.
administered drugs the evening before bedtime.It washed away or take a hygienic shower, prepare a bowl of water, panty liners and sanitary napkins.If you can not take a shower, use the wipes for personal hygiene.
Lie on your back, place a pillow or roll back (it will facilitate the introduction of the tablet).Remove the tablet from the blister and dip it
in the water for half a minute.Gently insert the tablet into the vagina as deeply as possible.Tablet entered shallow, it will not have the proper therapeutic effect.
Wear underwear, shorts fix on a daily pad, wipe your hands.In the morning may be discharge from the genital tract.The amount of dissolved tablets can be up to 2 teaspoons, panty liner will save you from discomfort.
take a shower in the morning as usual, but it is better to postpone it at least half an hour to finally left the remains of the tablet.During treatment is recommended to wear cotton underwear and panty liners used ─ selection in the first few days it may be more abundant than usual.
course of treatment is not less than 10 days, in the treatment of fungal infections ─ 20 days.You can not interrupt treatment after the first signs of improvement and during menstruation.When menstruation enter "Terzhinan" as usual, refuse to tampons and sanitary pads keep antibacterial wipes handy to wipe your hands after administration of the tablet.
should refrain from sexual intercourse, swimming pool, saunas, steam baths, swimming in open water, and other water activities.You can not drink alcohol, especially if you get an additional therapy as antibacterial agents for internal use.
Momentary "Terzhinan" is used before and after certain medical procedures.Before installing the IUD, abortion, performing diagnostic procedures, before birth - in these cases, "Terzhinan" can prevent the development of infections.If necessary, the doctor prescribes a single administration "Terzhinan" after manipulation.In some cases it may take longer before the prophylactic treatment procedures.
Pregnancy is not a contraindication for treatment.Frequently diagnosed in pregnant yeast colpites "Terzhinan" in this case is safe and easy preparation.In the first trimester use of "Terzhinan" smoking, treatment is initiated during the second or third trimester.
can not take the drug orally.Do not use the drug on the eve of a visit to a doctor ─ it can complicate the diagnosis, and the presence of microorganisms infections provoke immunity to the active substance.