Properties drug

action of the drug due to its composition, which includes extracts of herbs.MARTIN fragrant root regulates the concentration of uric acid and contributes to its removal from the body.White willow bark has anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates the excretion of excess fluid that accumulates vogrug diseased joints.This reduces pain and increases joint mobility. drug "Fulfleks" is available as capsules for oral and topical creams.

Instructions for use

Adults and children older than 14 years should take 1 capsule "Fulfleks" once a day.The course of treatment is 1 month. Capsules "Fulfleks" taken with food, drinking water.

Cream "Fulfleks" should be applied to exposed areas of the body disease, 2 times a day (morning and evening).Treatment sho
uld be carried out until symptoms disappear.

courses of therapy is recommended several times a year.Treatment should be administered under the supervision of a doctor who can determine tseleoobraznost and the effectiveness of therapy.


contraindications to "Fulfleksa" is intolerant of any of its components.The drug should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women.Also, this tool is not indicated for children under 14 years."Fulfleks" does not cause side effects, but in some cases may show skin reactions, testifying allergy to constituents of the preparation.


drug "Fulfleks" effective in the treatment of gout and arthritis.The tool helps to restore the normal functioning of joints, reduces their inflammation.In particular, according to reviews, is marked efficacy in the treatment of knee and hip joints.Cream "Fulfleks" helps in the treatment of cones on the side of the foot.The drug does not cure the disease, as these diseases - chronic, but in many ways it helps to alleviate the condition.Fulfleks eliminates pain, relieves swelling and puffiness.

In some cases, use of the drug does not bring the expected result.This may depend on the individual and the specifics of the disease.In addition, the outcome of treatment is largely influenced by an integrated approach: the reception "Fulfleksa" recommended to be combined with a special diet.Doctors may prescribe the simultaneous use of both forms of the drug - and the cream and pills.