How to take "Persia" in the inner feelings

«Persia" - phytopreparation a sedating effect.Assuming it can be at high nervous excitability, during stress, insomnia, inner feelings, when the answer to a question tormenting you still can not be found, and you are in a state of chronic stress.
«Persia" in the capsules are not recommended for admission to children from three to 12 years.Up to three years, kids welcome phytopreparation contraindicated in any form.

As part of the preparation "Persia" only natural ingredients of vegetable origin: extracts of lemon balm, peppermint, valerian.Pharmacological action "Persia" is not only the sedative, and antispasmodic effect.After all, when i
nternal experiences often tormented by headaches and a constant feeling of tension.Antispasmodic and sedative effect of "Persia" helps to eliminate all unpleasant symptoms.

take "Persia" is recommended for adults 2-3 tablets or 2 capsules 3 times a day.Children from three to twelve years, the drug is only possible under the supervision and advice of a doctor.

If the feeling of inner experience does not bother during the day, but did not give a good sleep, you can take the "Persians" once one hour before going to sleep at a dose of 3 tablets or two capsules.

Term continuous reception phytopreparation should not exceed two months.After that, it is recommended to take a break at least four weeks and, if necessary, continue to receive the "Persians."
If you take the "Persians" for two weeks, but the feeling of the inner experience does not pass, it is rational to see a psychiatrist and consider taking prescription sedatives.

overdose, drug interactions, and contraindications for receiving "Percy»

Upon receipt of the "Persians" in the high dose may increase side effects.One-time use of 103 tablets or capsules 39 leads to feelings of fatigue unusual, can cause stomach cramps, chest tightness, tremors, dizziness, dilated pupils.Recommended treatment: symptomatic treatment and gastric lavage.

Strengthening action takes place at the reception phytopreparation with antihypertensive, hypnotics and analgesics.If the patient is taking these drugs together, it is recommended to notify the physician and adjust the dose.

Reception "Persia" in pregnancy and during lactation is recommended only on prescription.So far, not thoroughly studied herbal remedies sedative effects on the fetus.Therefore, they are rational given only if the benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus and nursing infant during breastfeeding.

Reviews of preparation "Persian" only positive.Almost all noticed a decrease feelings of anxiety and inner experiences, improve sleep and health.