Quite often during the peak incidence of influenza in the population of hospitals in a hurry to deliver the vaccine.It can not be done!When the epidemic is already fixed, vaccination may be harmful, because after the introduction of serum significantly reduced immune response to invading pathogens.Moreover, although vaccination helps but does not protect 100%.
during a flu epidemic is better to refrain from visiting places where accumulates a lot of people.It is undesirable to go to the hospital unnecessarily.Routine inspections is better to move to a different period.A large number of viruses it accumulates in the corridors of medical institutions, because there every day there are sick people.
Before you leave home, apply to the nasal
mucosa a little bit of tea tree essential oil.Oxolinic ointment and performs a protective function, preventing the germs to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract.Be careful, because the drugs can cause allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock.
Returning home from public places, wash your hands and face.Thus you can reduce the likelihood of getting the flu during the epidemic.Watch out for small children, who occasionally try the taste of things.Try to stop attempts to thrust something into his mouth, because pathogens can enter and cause disease.
Eat well, because the lack of calories have a negative impact on your body, causing a decrease in immunity.Diet is strictly contraindicated during epidemics - in the cold time of the year as a whole is not desirable to impose restrictions.
take vitamin complexes in which vitamin C is present in large quantities.In addition, type in the diet of freshly squeezed juices, which is recommended to drink in the morning before leaving the house.
In areas hang or place on a platter small cloth soaked in essential oils.You can use eucalyptus, fir, pine and tea tree.It is important to drip a little oil on a daily basis, because it quickly disappears.Is a component of decontaminated air, causing the death of the virus, reducing the likelihood of the disease several times.
If you already feel unwell, have high fever, there was an ache in joints, muscles, etc., take "AnviMaks" and enter the bed rest.Better not go to work for several days until the condition improves.It consists of vitamin C, paracetamol, anti-viral component rimantadine and antihistamine loratadine.In addition, the drug contains AnviMaks which reduce the brittleness of blood vessels and capillaries - Rutoside and calcium gluconate.
If you feel unwell, severe joint pain or heart, intoxication better go to the hospital because the flu can cause serious injury, causing complications.Every year, epidemic claims the lives of hundreds of people.Particular care must be elderly and frail people.Timely professional assistance will help the doctor as soon as possible to recover.