«Pimafucin" is an antifungal agent with the active substance natamycin.Apply one suppository 1 time a day at bedtime.Duration of treatment - 3-6 days.Enter the candle should be in a prone position.Possible side effects such as irritation of the surrounding tissues of the vagina and a burning sensation."Pimafucin" can be used as pregnant and lactating mothers.
«Livarol" - a modern highly effective for the treatment of yeast infections in women.During pregnancy, the candles can be used, but preferably only in the 2 and 3 trimesters."Livarol" acts only on the affected area and is not absorbed into the blood, thereby affecting other body systems.Candles also help in the treatment of chronic candidia
sis, for this purpose should be introduced on 1 suppository into the vagina for 10 days."Livarol" doctors often prescribed for newly diagnosed.If the drug is used for a long time, from the infectious agent may be drug resistant.
powerful effect against Candida has a drug "Flucostat."It is taken into the vagina with a dose of 150 mg once daily.In order to eliminate the frequency of relapses thrush candles can be used once a month.The length of treatment can range from four to 12 months.The use of "fljukostat" pregnant and nursing mothers is contraindicated.
to combat thrush, doctors recommend candles "Zalain."The active ingredient of the drug - sertaconazole.The spark plug should be administered 1 time per day, preferably in the evening.The course of treatment is seven days.However, many missing and a single dose of "Zalain."Also, the drug can be used in the period of menstruation.The big plus is the absence of drug side effects.
«Diflucan" - another means to fight thrush.Its active ingredient - fluconazole, effectively suppresses cell fungi candida.For treatment lacks one suppository in the vagina with the dosage of 0.15 grams.In chronic thrush recommend the use of "Diflucan" 1 once a month for six months.In rare cases, there are side effects such as allergic reactions, headaches, chronic hepatitis.
antifungal activity have candles "Ginezol."The drug is used once a day at bedtime.In severe illness should apply 2-3 candles per day during the week."Ginezol" can cause a burning sensation, itching and redness in the vaginal area.