Take control of your diet.A balanced diet, rather, a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients will force your body to resist the dangerous infection.It is necessary to enrich your diet ascorbic and citric acid (citrus, apples, rose hips), selenium (porridge, garlic), vitamin E, manganese, zinc and copper (nuts), iron (meat, tomatoes), iodine (sea fish), volatile production (onion, garlic).Volatile quite well kill viruses.So, during a flu epidemic is very useful to eat 1-2 cloves of garlic a day.
Heavy drinking is helpful both in themselves colds, and as their prevention.Using liquid excreted toxins appear much faster.Of course, this is not about coffee and soda, and a herbal teas, broth hips, tea with honey and raspberry, mineral water.
For a couple of months before the flu season, take it a rule to visit
bath.It is a good idea will train your immune system.Better not go to the sauna, and in the Russian bath or hammam.
good prevention against flu and SARS will become a sport.Adequate physical activity improves blood circulation, the body is saturated with oxygen, resulting in the body creates more immune cells.Work out at least daily walks.Their duration, even of at least 30 minutes.
Regular washing of the nose will help to create a protective barrier on the mucous membrane, through which the body can penetrate viruses.As a measure of prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, rinse the nose twice a day with soap and water or infusion of onion with honey.It is also recommended to gargle with a solution of soda, furatsilina, chamomile.It is useful to do inhalations with essential oils.Also, do not be lazy to lubricate the nasal mucosa before going out oxolinic ointment or petroleum jelly.It will also delay the infection.
When the first symptoms of the disease do not delay the adoption of therapeutic measures!To do this in advance to fill up your home medicine chest cough and drugs, for example, "AnviMaksom", which will remove the fever, chills and pain in the joints and muscles, eliminates the swelling of the mucous and prevents blood vessels from damage.It also has antiviral effect, making it easier for the disease.
Wash your hands before and after eating, especially after visiting public places.People with influenza and SARS, spread the infection, leaving germs on the tables, handrails, container.For this reason, try to lower your hands to touch his face.
sure to ventilate the room - a viral disease, "taste" the warm, dry air of the sealed room.Open windows should be at least every hour, just a few minutes.It is better to give up the use of a heater to warm clothing.