There painkillers that stronger and more effective is already obsolete "Nurofen."An example is the "Nimesil" - is a powder that contains more modern component nimesulide.It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic action, excellent pain.This drug has a broad spectrum of activity, significantly reduces pain in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with strains, sprains, inflammation of the tendons and periarticular bags.
Nimesulide contains another very strong pain killer - "Nise".It comes in the form of suspensions, and tablets.Great blocks pain in arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and ankylosis, used in the postoperative period.The great advantage of the suspension "Nise" is that it can be given to children older than
2 years, because for kids this age are almost no options for pain relief.
neuralgia, muscle and joint pain, colic, post-traumatic syndrome, it is best to use the drug "Diclofenac".He, unlike the "Nurofen" helps many types of pain, in addition has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects."Diclofenac" can be used for pain relief in children older than 6 years.
¬ęKetoprofen" has all of the above effects, and in addition is used as a combination therapy for diseases of the veins and lymph nodes.Available in a gel, tablets and solution that helps the doctor to choose the optimal route of administration of pain medication into the body.Most often, when a sharp pain injections are applied "Ketoprofen" and then the patient goes to the reception tablet form.
Pharmacies sold many effective painkillers, but it is necessary to understand that these drugs should only be used in combination therapy.Because such drugs just cropped pain, but on the cause of the pain, they do not act.Then the pain can not be tolerated or seizing pills, you must immediately consult your doctor to identify the true cause of the pain.Only a specialist can understand, diagnose and prescribe the best treatment.After all, at some point, it does not help either "Nurofen" or more powerful tools.