What is glucose?

Glucose is the body's source of energy.Very often physicians use glucose for treating certain types of liver disease.Also often doctors administered glucose in the human body in case of poisoning.Enter it by blasting or using a dropper.

glucose and is used for feeding infants, if they for some reason do not consume food.Glucose is able to cleanse the liver from toxins.It restores the lost functions of the liver and accelerates the body's metabolism.

With glucose health workers remove any kind of intoxication.If you receive more energy in the body tissues and organs begin to work more actively.Glucose ensures complete combustion of fat in the body.

sure to control the rate of content of glucose in the human body.Lack or excess of this material indicates the presence of a person of any disease.Contr
ols the level of glucose endocrine system, and the regulation implementing the hormone insulin.

Which contains glucose?

meet more glucose can be in grapes and other types of berries and fruits.Glucose is the sugar of some kind.In 1802, W. Prout glucose opened.Industry engaged in production of glucose.Extract it with the processing of starch.

In the natural course of glucose occurs during photosynthesis.No reaction occurs in the body without glucose.For brain cells Glucose - one of the major nutrients.

Why administered glucose?

Physicians can designate the use of glucose for different reasons.Very often begin to use glucose in hypoglycemia - a lack of glucose in the body.Sometimes affect the level of glucose in the body can be an unhealthy diet.For example, when a person prefers protein food - and the body lacks carbohydrates (fruits, cereals).

During poisoning is the ability to restore the desired cleaning function of the liver.It also makes use of glucose.In diseases of the liver, glucose is able to restore the business processes of its cells.

With diarrhea, vomiting or bleeding, a person can lose a lot of fluids.Using her glucose level is restored.

In shock or collapse - a sharp decrease in blood pressure - the doctor also may prescribe additional use glucose.

use glucose for parenteral nutrition, if for some reason one can not eat regular food.Sometimes glucose solution is added to the medication.