Lymphadenitis - an inflammation of the lymph nodes of an infectious nature.The disease has a pronounced symptoms: fever, weakness, and swollen lymph nodes, at a palpation are experiencing pain.Fabrics node of the red and swollen.In the case of purulent process the temperature rises to high numbers, loss of appetite, chills and aches appears in the body.
Reasons lymphadenitis are almost always bacterial pathogens and their metabolic products.For accurate diagnosis appoint a general analysis of blood and lymph node puncture.The blood at lymphadenitis observed pattern of inflammation: a significant leukocytosis, an increase in the percentage of stab leukocytes and erythrocyte sedimentation rate accelerated.Punctate of
lymph nodes taken to determine the presence of purulent lymph tissue and implementation of crop on sensitivity to antibiotics.Typically, the treatment of diseases is performed with the use of antibiotics.
addition of specific therapy treatment is prescribed for the relief of intoxication and increase its defense forces.To carry out this vitamin therapy, physiotherapy and recommend drinking plenty of fluids.Cautions In lymphadenitis not - at the time of fever should comply with bed rest.
Antibiotics - is the main treatment for lymphadenitis.After sowing the sensitivity of the surgeon appoints antibacterial drug from the group, which is sensitive to the pathogen.Usually the drug is of the latest generation of synthetic penicillins ("ceftriaxone" "Cefazolin") or spectrum antibiotics ("Sumamed", "azithromycin", "Fluimucil").In some cases, when the picture of the disease in patients receiving one drug does not improve, your doctor may add another drug from another group.
If conservative treatment fails, and there is there is a high risk of complications, spend a little surgery.The lymph node is opened, washed, install drainage and regularly irrigate the surgical field solutions of antibiotics.For these purposes often used penicillins ("Kefzol" "Cefazolin").When the wound is no longer "flow", the drainage is removed and the wound was sutured.
Although lymphadenitis seems trivial disease, can not engage in self and no visit to the doctor to prescribe antibiotics.It is best to consult a surgeon, so he spent the necessary tests, and appointed those drugs that are exactly help.