neurodermatitis, psoriasis and eczema tar rubbed into the lesions.You can start treatment for eczema lubrication with an alcoholic solution of a low concentration of tar, gradually increasing the concentration and switching to clean tar.Apply it for 15-30 minutes on a skin lesion, then wipe it off with a gauze pad soaked in fish oil or vegetable oil.
in psoriatic plaques can be used tar and combine it with water treatments.To do this, rub the tar in the affected areas, and after half an hour, take a shower with shower gel or soap, washing thereby tar washcloth.
For eczema, the patien
t should first take a hot bath to soften and remove scales and crusts washcloth.Then rub the skin and tar in one hour, again take a warm bath.
To remove a splinter, grease tar wherever she snapped.You can make a cloth moistened with birch tar.This tool will help, even if a pain in the body for many days.After 20 minutes, after the imposition of tar must seem like the end of a splinter, which can be removed easily.
Mix one part of the birch tar to one part seed powder nettle.Put the prepared mixture on the affected tooth - this will extract it safely.
When the disease hemorrhoids helpful soar anus in a warm infusion.To do this, pour a tablespoon of tar two liters of boiling water, sit in a basin and wrap a warm towel or blanket to keep warm.
Birch tar and take inside.It is useful in diseases of the throat, bronchitis and even tuberculosis.Take tar 5-10 drops three times per day.
If the skin has long nonhealing ulcers can be cured with the help of birch tar.Mix equal amounts of tar, burnt root powder drug peucedanum and unsalted butter.Mix thoroughly and put on the seat of ulcers.
For the treatment of night blindness, traditional medicine recommends to pour in a bowl two cups of birch tar and look at the bottom for three minutes every three hours.At night, take one tablespoon of cod liver oil.