Why baby vitamins

Vitamins - it is vital for the full functioning of the body substances that are not formed in the human body as a result of metabolic processes.Typically, most of them regulate metabolism, enhance immune activity and maintained at a high level.The daily requirement of vitamins is very small and is expressed in thousandths of a gram.However, lack of vitamins may develop conditions such as vitamin deficiency or vitamin deficiencies.Typically, this is a decrease of physical and mental activity, worsening of sleep, loss of hair, brittle nails there.

Currently, created by a huge number of drugs, including vitamins.But do not immediately buy anything advertised.It is important to remember that vitamins are not innocuous candy and can bring not only benefits, but also considerable damage.This is especially tr
ue age of the child.Currently, created vitamins that are approved for use in children, even in the first year of life.Although, as they will be useful for further developing organism is difficult to judge.

Vitamins authorized to receive children from 2.5 years

One of the most popular vitamins are firms Multitabs.Immediately those who apply from two years are marked with «mini».These vitamins are designed for children from two to ten years.They contain a fairly large list of active substances, namely vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B, vitamin C. In addition, the preparation contains various microelements such as iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and chromium.As a rule, they are issued in the form of chewable tablets with raspberry or strawberry flavor.

In addition, relatively high popularity of firm Sagmel.Mark "Jungle Baby" is used in children aged three months.It produced the drug in the form of a syrup with cherry taste.It contains only three components: vitamin A, vitamin D, and ascorbic acid.As the manufacturer, this drug is very beneficial effect on bone development in newborns and can be applied even in premature infants.

Also popular vitamins American firm Walsh Pharma.They are known as Polyvit Baby.The drug comes in the form of drops with orange flavor and is a source of vitamins A, D, E, C, and B vitamins Polyvit Baby is designed for children from birth to three years.

Recently pediatricians began to prescribe a drug called "The Queen."It comes in different age categories, and specifically for children of the year, it is sold in the form of a syrup with a strawberry or orange flavor.The drug contains nine essential vitamins, which include vitamin C, A, E, B vitamins and folic acid.

However, no matter how wide the market of pharmaceuticals is always work to ensure that children receive the vitamins from natural foods, not from the pills.If the doctor prescribed for your child a vitamin complex, first check mark on the age, since from it depends very much on the dosage of certain vitamins.