you need
  • - caffeine sodium benzoate;
  • - organic coffee;
  • - leaf tea;
  • - Cola;
  • - energy drinks;
  • - dark chocolate;
  • - cocoa.
the caffeine in the form of a pharmaceutical preparation of caffeine-sodium benzoate or get caffeine in the drink made of natural ground coffee or leaf tea quality.You can also get a dose of caffeine in the use of cocoa, dark chocolate, cola or energy drinks.
If you do not suffer from high blood pressure, nervous and mental disorders, drink 4-5 cups of natural ground coffee during the day.You can also drink 6-8 cups of black or green tea.Tea contains less caffeine, it
operates more smoothly, the caffeine is released gradually and it is not observed a sharp spike and fall.
Caffeine sodium benzoate, you can take prescription hypotension, infectious diseases, drug poisoning, vascular spasms, migraine-related poisoning, vascular spasms, or infectious diseases.You can take 2 tablets of the drug, if you want to become more active, improve physical and mental performance after heavy physical or mental work.
Caffeine when taken enuresis, to reduce appetite in the complex therapy with aspirin.To reduce weight, a 20 mg tablet of aspirin and caffeine for 30 minutes before the exercise.
caffeine can take as part of energy drinks, but not get involved in caffeine products.To increase performance, mood and physical activity only for a short time.If invigorate systematically using caffeine and not enough time given to sleep and rest, you can get mental disorders, insomnia, hypertension, a full indigestion, heart rhythm disturbance, muscle twitching, redness of the face.In case of overdose of caffeine can cause hyperglycemia, delirium tremens, loss of consciousness, which is a medical emergency.