liver to the body serves as a barrier against harmful substances and negative.Alcohol, fatty and junk foods - it all day by day detrimental effect on liver cells.As a result, this can happen stagnation of bile, a violation of the digestive system, worsening of mood, headache, problems with the skin and decreased immunity.In this case, need to consult a specialist who prescribed drugs to control hepatic function and its recovery.
Most often, doctors recommend receiving hepatoprotectors.This drug is able to maintain and repair liver cells, even with antibiotics, anti-TB drugs.Excellent proven drugs, which include milk thistle.It improves the metabolism in the liver cells, helps to normalize digestion, helps restore hepatocyte membrane.Silybum marianum accelerates the decomposition of lactic acid by the liv
er, resulting in faster bind free radicals and decrease in liver inflammation.Examples of the drug may be a "Legalon" "Karsil" "Silibinin".Milk thistle can be purchased at a pharmacy in the form of teas.
hepatoprotectors It can be attributed to drugs that contain phospholipids.These substances are able to improve the condition of the membrane of hepatocytes, exchange reactions, prevent necrotic cell destruction.Phospholipids are used in the treatment of chronic and acute hepatitis, cirrhosis, necrosis and even toxic liver damage."Essentiale", "Rezalyut Pro" - is the most affordable and effective drugs.
case of violation of bile production should start taking medications that are able to accelerate the process and run."Hologon", "Allohol", "Holenzim" contain natural bile acids, which are able to stimulate hepatic cells on the development of its own bile.They are appointed by doctors even in chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract.
treatment of liver diseases should be integrated.However, medication should not drink alcohol, fatty foods, supplement their diet of fruits and vegetables, to spend more time outdoors every day and get enough sleep.All this will help to quickly restore the function of hepatocytes.