Hormonal contraception - reliability and safety

oral hormonal contraception today is very popular among the girls sexually active.Modern tablets provide full protection against unwanted pregnancy (99%).At the same time, they are practically safe, convenient, help get rid of some women's issues.

There are three species of oral contraceptives.The first type includes monophasic preparations ("Marvelon" "Novinet" "Mersilon" etc.).Such tablets are composed of one kind of hormones which are taken regularly throughout the course.It is a monophasic contraceptive pills are popular today, "mini-pill" (such as "Charozetta", "Laktinet" and so forth.).Most often, doctors recommend their recently given birth and nursing girls.

The second type of birth control pills are biphasi
c inflammatory drugs ("Anteovin").They involve the adoption of two doses of hormones for one course.The third type - three-phase drugs ("Three-merci", "Three-regolith", "Trikvilar").They changed the dose three times for one course.Two-phase and three-phase birth control pills should be taken according to the instructions clearly.For ease of use, they have a colorful shell.

Four types of birth control pills

control pills are also divided by type.It is characterized by the dosage of active ingredients.The first type - mikrodozirovannye ("Mersilon", "Novinet", "Jess," Tri-merci "and so forth.).These pills contain mini-dose hormone etinilstradiola.Most often, they are recommended to young girls (under 25) and older women (over 35).An important feature of mikrodozirovannyh contraceptive pills - the absence or minimal effect on the body.

The second type is called a "low-dose" pills ("Belarus", "Femoden" "Marvelon" and so on).In addition, they contain hormones etinilstradiola gestodene, norgestimate or dienogest.They are ideal for young mothers.These pills also improve the condition of the skin, reduce facial hair growth and helps to normalize hormonal women.

Srednedozirovannye contraceptives consist of etinilstradiola and levonorgestrel ("Three-regolith", "Diana 35" and so forth.).These tablets mainly prescribed to older women parous.The main condition: they are not suitable for the period of breastfeeding and lactation.

fourth type of pills - vysokodozirovannye ("Trikvilar", "Milvane", "Ovidon" and so forth.).They have a similar structure srednedozirovannym drugs, but have higher dosage.The main purpose of the use (in addition to the contraceptive) - the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with hormonal.

Disclaimer hormones

There is also very unusual birth control pills that do not contain hormones.These agents are not oral and vaginal contraceptive.An important advantage of such tablets: no negative effects on the body, and - protection against diseases transmitted through sexual contact.

However, the reliability of these means in practice is low.The main problem is the need to control the timing of the beginning of intercourse.With a special applicator tablet inserted into the vagina somewhere for 10 minutes before sex.Time "defensive" action varies from 30-40 minutes to several hours.These birth control pills are a great way to protect the postpartum period, as well as - with irregular sexual life.