should never panic, blame the sick and blame him for the fact that he deals with "indecent" types - in modern conditions lice often occurs in the form of outbreaks among students is quite safeschools.Fortunately, modern drugs can cure head lice quickly and without harm to their health.
Be sure to inspect the hair on the head of all family members - lice easily are moving to the new "owners" by direct contact, sharing bedding or items of personal care (combs, towels, hats).Particular attention should be paid to the detection of not only the adult insects (they are mobile and easily visible during the inspection) and imm
ature larvae (maggots), which look like hair attached to small beads, visible only on closer inspection.
most safe, effective, and thus unacceptable to the majority of patients way to get rid of lice become a full head shaving "nalyso" - the causative agent is deprived of the usual habitat.
Mechanical removal lice and nits while combing toothed comb is possible, but it is a method rarely used alone due to the fact that for the full recovery of hair need daily treatment for 30-40 days.
increasingly using combined methods of treatment of head lice, which provide treatment of the scalp with a special means of insecticidal action (shampoos and sprays) with obligatory combing the hair after treatment.The procedure must be carried out within 1 month every 10 days (that is how much time it takes to complete the transformation into an adult insect nits), and it is desirable to repeat the process three times.
sure to handle the bedding, means of personal care, clothing, and in the treatment of children's toys and special means to kill insects on objects and things.When you reach the processing of chemical insecticides can be replaced by treatment with steam at a pressure of things - just boiling and proglazhivanie iron may not always kill the nits.