Why do people prescribe tranquilizers

Some people often feel nervous overload, stress, fear, anxiety.It does not go unnoticed.Often the result is a constant nervous excitement, insomnia.And in the most severe cases, the business can reach a mental disorder.

If conventional methods of sedation, relieve nervous tension (auditory training, healthy daily routine, relax, aromatic baths, massage) do not help, the doctor will prescribe to the patient tranquilizers.These drugs have a pronounced calming and relaxing effect.With their help, the nervous excitement, anxiety or disappears or becomes significantly weaker.Hypnotic effect of tranquilizers is that sleep comes easier, and its depth and duration increases. Tranquilizers little help with conditio
ns caused by mental disorder (such as delusions, hallucinations).

In some cases, prescribe tranquilizers undesirable

the treatment may have the effect of tranquilizers addiction and drug dependency.Therefore, reception of tranquilizers is only intended for professional and under his close supervision.As already mentioned, in the free sale of these drugs are not allowed to buy them only on prescription.Particularly high risk of drug addiction while taking tranquilizers in children and adolescents.Therefore, persons under 18 years of tranquilizers, as a rule, do not prescribe. In some cases, when it is absolutely necessary, prescribe tranquilizers and young patients, but only for a short time.

typical side effect of many tranquilizers - drowsiness, decreased reaction rate, the concentration of attention.Therefore, those people whose work is associated with increased liability, the need for rapid and accurate response, such drugs also appoint undesirable.This category of people include, for example, drivers.

is totally unacceptable to prescribe these drugs to people who abuse alcohol, because alcohol and its metabolites repeatedly dampening effects of tranquilizers components on the central nervous system.The result may occur drastic deterioration up to coma and death.That's why you can buy them only by prescription.