means used to remove calluses, diverse: folk recipes, pharmaceutical creams and ointments, various types of surgical intervention.They differ in the level of availability.The most popular remedy for corns is cream.It is available, easy to use, effective in most cases.

Creams of calluses on his feet

Creams of corns contain glycolic acid, vitamin E, natural oils: peppermint, or rice bran and other components.If you use such creams regularly, you can get rid of existing lesions and prevent new ones.Glycolic acid softens the horny skin and eliminates the existing seals.Oils and vitamin E soften and moisturize the skin and stimulate the regeneration of the epithelium.Menthol has a strong cooling effect on the skin, relieves fatigue and refreshes it.

¬ęSuper Antimozolin"
- Cream of calluses on his feet, consisting of urea and lactic acid.It moisturizes the skin and cleanses from corns.Apply a thick layer of cream on the lesion, cover with waxed paper on top, and then put on wool socks.After 2 hours, the softened skin scraped off, and the remnants of the cream is washed off with warm water.

¬ęBensalitin" - cream has a strong antiseptic and keratolytic action.It is used exclusively for the removal of corns.Pre-make the foot bath and wipe them dry.Then put the cream on the corn, cover the patch and leave for 2 hours, and then carefully remove the plaster with remains of ointment.

How to use creams from corns

detected in certain areas of the skin to cut the hill is strictly prohibited.It is necessary to begin relieve symptoms of pathology.That creams calluses will help solve this problem.The composition of virtually all creams this pharmacological groups include salicylic acid.The cream is applied only on a dry corn, because healthy skin can suffer due to its aggressive action.For applying the cream with salicylic acid plaster is used in which a hole is made, the appropriate size calluses.This method of application allows you to protect surrounding healthy tissue.Then the cream is applied to the corn, and the top is covered with a second tape.To salve acted better recommended before its application to steam up.It is best to do this with a soda bath.

creams containing in its composition natural oils, not less effective.They are applied twice a day and rub massage movements in the rough skin until completely absorbed cream.The first expected results appear after about 2 weeks of starting treatment.This procedure should be carried out to complete disappearance of blisters.