Useful information

wrong to assume that the protein - a solid chemistry and has nothing to do with natural products.Protein concentrates are generally represents power.Thanks to the special modern technology, natural products removed unnecessary components and ballast substances.

proteins can be used without harm to health at any age.You can certainly say that the harm protein is miniscule compared to the changes in the body that occur after regular consumption of confectionery and fast food.

Harm protein

harm from taking protein is possible if there is some kidney diseases, especially renal failure.Some people believe that the proteins can provoke kidney disease.Numerous scientific studies have shown that the dose recommended that athletes do not harm internal organs.

At the use of soy protein guys can appear certain side effects.Caused by the fact the content of phytoestrogens in proteins, in effect, they are similar to female hormones.Often, after consuming soy protein an allergic reaction to the product.

Harmful to use the protein, if not complied with the recommended dosage.It is also worth considering that the protein contains a large amount of nitrogen which is derived solely from the urine.With the lack of exercise or excessive consumption of protein rather than build muscle, will be forced to simply excreted.It is an additional load on the kidneys.Note: if you are taking proteins should be consumed more liquid.Drink recommended not less than 4 liters of purified water per day.

In the absence of severe kidney disease can safely take protein concentrate (protein) in quantities not exceeding norm.However, the consultation on the reception of the product from a qualified specialist will not be superfluous.It is he who tells the required dose of protein intake, given your physical activity and individual characteristics.

Remember, protein is an excellent building material for muscle mass.Today there are a variety of types of protein supplements.Each of them has its own unique and extraordinary properties.The protein, which is slowly digested, should be taken at bedtime.Fast-digesting protein should be taken immediately after training.