Providing privileged categories of citizens, which include pregnant women, free medicines is carried out in the framework of the national project "Health", launched in 2006.How this program works?

procedure for obtaining medicines


The project every pregnant woman put birth certificate on which paid maternity clinic observation standing registered pregnant women.This part of the certificate also includes pay drugs.Thus, to get free medicine, the woman must necessarily be registered in the antenatal clinic.

gynecologist plant for every pregnant observation card, which will indicate the state of health of the fut
ure mother and all of its destinations.

If the drug is prescribed by a doctor, part of the approved list of medicines laid pregnant, the doctor has the right prescription for the drug, according to which a woman will get it at the pharmacy with which prenatal contract.Learn about what is a pharmacy can obtain the necessary medication available at the information booth in the same consultation.

List of drugs


The bulk of the medicines issued at the expense of the social insurance fund, make a variety of vitamins for pregnant women:

- «Alpha-tocopherol acetate";

- «Alpha-tocopherol-UBF";

- «Bevipleks";

- «Bio-Max";

- «Vitamin E";

- «Spectrum Vita";

- «Vitatress";

- «Vitrum vitamin E";

- «Vitrum Prenatal";

- «Vitrum Prenatal Forte";

- «Vitrum Superstress";

- «Vitrum»;

- «Geksavit";

- «Glutamevit";

- «Zitrum vitamin E»;

- «Zitrum Centuries";

- «Complivit Mum for pregnant and lactating women";

- «Complivit";

- «Complivit-Active";

- «Maksamin fort";

- «Megadin Pronatal";

- «Megadin, Multimaks";

- «Multi-tabs Active";

- «Intensive Multi-tabs";

- «Multi-tabs Classic";

- «Multi-tabs Perinatal";

- «watering Geriatrik";

- «Multivitamin»;

- «Revit";

- «Revit-UWI";

- «Selmevit";

- «Supradin";

- «Anti Theravit";

- «Theravit -pregna";

- «Theravit";

- «Tokoferokaps";

- «Tocopherol acetate";

- «Three Vie Plus";

- «Undevit";

- «Undevit-UWI";

- «Folacin";

- Folic acid;

- «Tsopelgerts vitamin E, Fort";

- «Eleven prenatal".

Vitamins list varied amount.However, pregnant women need not only a vitamin complex, but also in the preparation of iron.And they are in this list:

- iron (III) hydroxide polimaltozat;

- Iron fumarate with folic acid;

- «Maltofer";

- «Fenyuls complex";

- «Ferretab complex";

- «Ferrovie";

- «Ferrovie forte."

rest of the preparation is iodine, which is necessary to take the entire pregnancy:

- «Yodbalans";

- «Jodomarin";

- «Mikroyodid."

often women, in addition to vitamins and minerals, needed expensive drugs such as "Fraksiparin" hormones ("Djufaston", "Utrozhestan"), medicines for the treatment of thrush, the drug "Hyper Rowe diabetes."Despite the fact that these drugs not on the list, you can try to get them for free by contacting the Ministry of Health of the area.