«Aminazin" included in the list of vital and most important medicines.Drugs used in psychiatry as a treatment for schizophrenia, manic and depressive states and delirium tremens.With the help of drugs can be cured disorders that cause hallucinations, delusions, irrational fear, excessive emotional stress and psychosis.Also, "Aminazin" is used to suppress vomiting and hiccups in patients.
The drug has anti-inflammatory, lowers the temperature, improves the performance of the vessels and has an antihistamine effect.The most pronounced in "chlorpromazine" is a calming effect.Before using the funds required consultation with a physician.
«Haloperidol" is used in psychiatry for the relief of symptoms of schizop
hrenia, manic and depressive states.Also, the drug treats delusional disorder oligophrenic and alcoholic psychosis.Commonly the medicine is used to treat seizures.Especially effective drug for the treatment of visual hallucinations."Haloperidol" prescribed for the treatment of hiccups, chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, neurological disorders (tic, chorea).
«Diazepam" is a sedative, has a pronounced hypnotic effect.The tool allows you to remove the cramps and an increased state of anxiety.The drug is also included in the list of essential drugs approved by the World Health Organisation.
«Diazepam" is widely used to treat insomnia, epileptic seizures and the craving for alcohol.As an anesthetic and sedative medication is indicated for endoscopic procedures.
«New Pass" has a mild sedative effect, and the drug has a vegetable origin.Accepted in neurasthenia, accompanied by excessive anxiety, panic attacks, general fatigue and scattering.The drug is effective for milder forms of insomnia, headaches, resulting from prolonged emotional stress.
Tool is one of the most popular on the market and in contrast to the above-mentioned funds has a slight effect and fewer contraindications."New Pass" is suitable for most patients.Among the funds that have a similar effect, it may be noted the "Persians", "Afobazol", "Phenibut."
«Valocordin" also is a drug available in virtually every pharmacy.The drug is intended to take during episodes of tachycardia and neuroses.The drug can be used to treat mild insomnia caused by excessive stress.