Adults often underestimate the epidemiological situation and hope that they will be able to avoid infection, even if all around the sick one by one.And in the case of the first symptoms try to pay them less attention, preferring to endure discomfort on his feet.The reasons for this may be plenty.The most important is the reluctance to drop out of the work schedule.Someone is afraid that the next hospital will result in dismissal, someone needs to go to an urgent business trip, and sometimes the sick no one to replace, such as a single mother, forced to rise to cook children food, take them to kindergarten or school.
And meanwhile, has long been known that the flu - this is a very insidious disease, and neglect of bed rest is able
to not only tighten the duration of the illness, but also lead to serious complications such as meningitis, or inflammation of the heart muscle.So it does not pretend to be a hero, and is still to listen to your body.If the patient has a fever, headache, and there aching muscles and cough, nasal congestion and sore throat, it is better to postpone the works, however urgent and important they would not have looked and come to grips with the treatment of influenza.
Often, it is the treatment of bed rest, the body itself to cope with the agent, but for this he needs time - at least a week.If there is no time to wait, you can help yourself a little bit.Modern medicine has at its disposal sufficient funds that have proven effective in the fight against viral diseases.One such drug is considered AnviMaks.First he wore a name Antigrippin maximum.After carrying out work to improve the composition of the medication, not only changed the name, but has become even more productive.
components it contains not only facilitate the symptoms of colds, but also act directly on viruses by preventing their reproduction.Rimantadine, moreover, also has anti-toxic effect and calcium gluconate Rutoside and reduce the permeability of blood vessels, thereby preventing virus penetration deep into tissues.A pro vitamin C and need not be discussed separately.That it helps the body to recover and improves tissue regeneration, victims of viruses.
It should be noted and convenient forms in which the drug is released - sachets and capsules.In the form of a sachet AnviMaks it comes in several flavors: lemon, lemon, honey, black currants, cranberries or raspberries.And soon the patient's condition improved significantly.