Properties drug

In the summary to supplement "Bilberry Forte" indicates that this drug has a greater degree of preventive action than curative.His reception helps relieve fatigue and irritation to the eyes, and also prevents reduced vision.In addition, thanks to included in the composition of dietary supplements of vitamins A, C, zinc, B vitamins and natural plant extract of bilberry, BAD "Bilberry Forte 'support bodies of essential nutrients and has a bracing effect.The complex of B vitamins needed to maintain normal intracellular metabolism.When there is a lack of redness (hyperemia), eye fatigue, watery eyes, cataracts may develop. Reception BAD "Bilberry Forte" helps to relieve tension from the eyes and contributes to the preservation of visual acuity.
manufacturer states that the
substances contained in blueberries, improve the flexibility of the cell membrane of the retina and helps increase blood flow to it, which is directly linked to an increase in visual acuity, promote the regeneration of damaged cells, and in combination with vitamin C and bioflavonoidsBAA has some antimicrobial effect and helps to restore the retinal cells in the eye age-related changes.


drug "Bilberry Forte" is recommended for use in adults and children over 12 years.Take 2 tablets, 2 times a day with meals.Use of additives must be systematic and long-term nature.The optimal time of reception 2 - 4 months.Then it is recommended to take a break in taking the drug for 10 days, then maybe re-use of the drug. Instead of biologically active additives for preservation and restoration of effective decision-complex vitamins.
contraindications and side effects in taking "Blueberry Forte" is not revealed, but the common idiosyncrasy of its individual components.

Opinion Gossanepidnadzora of BAA "Bilberry Forte»

In clinical practice, this drug is not particularly popular, as there is a sufficient basis of clinical studies that confirm its effectiveness.In addition, a manufacturer of dietary supplements "Bilberry Forte" is used for its preparation of raw materials, not the past standardization that does not allow it to determine the concentration of nutrients.There is a statement by the chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation №2510 / 1875-04-32 «About the Sanitary Inspection of the production and turnover of BAD": "In BAD" Bilberry Forte anthocyanins were detected.Submitted sample supplements should not be used as a source of anthocyanins, the natural content in the product blueberry is 0.25%. "