What is low placentation

placenta is formed all the way to 16th week of pregnancy, but it continues to grow to 36 weeks.Its development can proceed from the pathology, for example, a woman may develop low placentation.Normally, after exiting the tubal embryo is attached to the front or rear wall of the uterus in its upper part.At this point, after this, the placenta is formed.In some cases, the embryo can be attached at the bottom of the uterus, is closer to the outlet (zevu).The diagnosis of "low placentation" put, if between the uterus and placenta throat is no more than 6 cm. With a strong bias placenta when it closes out of the uterus are diagnosed with "placenta previa."Both diseases have similar reasons for development, but their effects are q
uite different.

symptoms of low placentation

If the placenta is not too low to zevu uterus, external symptoms of this disease can not be observed.At week 12 violations detected at a scheduled ultrasound.The closer to the edge of the placenta is zevu uterus, the more there is a possibility of onset of symptoms characteristic of the threat of miscarriage: nagging abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding.Causes of low placentation is not fully understood.The embryo can be attached to the lower part of the uterus due to damage to the endometrium - endometrium due to scraping, abortions, infections.The reason may be a uterine pathology, the seams on a uterus, uterine anatomical features.Gynecologists recommend that women undergo ultrasound tests within the recommended time frame.Even with minor bleeding should contact their doctor or call the "ambulance."

consequences of low placentation

low placentation has a number of implications.It can lead to vaginal bleeding, placental abruption, in this case there is a risk of miscarriage.As the blood supply to the lower part of the uterus is significantly worse than the top of the fruit can receive less nutrients and oxygen.Medication low placentation is not possible.In most cases, you need to wait for the moment when the placenta itself will take a good place.This is the most likely outcome of the disease.Do not be upset if a woman is diagnosed with "low placentation" on 20-22 week of pregnancy (or later).Doctors believe that the position of the placenta can be changed up to 36 weeks.At low placentation, you need to give up exercise, sex.Each case of bleeding should be reported immediately to the doctor.