Suffocation - a sign of disease

Choking characteristic of acute stages of a number of diseases affecting the cardiac system, lungs and airways.In the case of pulmonary diseases suffocation caused by the penetration of oxygen in the blood is reduced or terminated, and airway disturbed.

example, an asthma attack begins with a sharp sense of lack of air.Man starts to choke.Breath - a necessary requirement of the person for life, so at the slightest violation of its body begins to signal the danger, which can lead to acute panic and fear of death.It should be noted that out of acute asthma attacks breathing problems in human patients was observed.Asthma can be a heart, it occurs because of problems with the pulmonary circulation, bronchial can be, it causes acute in violation of patency of
the bronchi, or mixed, which develops due to illness infarction or abnormalities of the bronchial tree. cases and non-allergenic asthma attacks, although they occur much less frequently.In that case, an attack of asphyxia causes brain injury or severe hormonal disorders.

call to action

Suffocation may signal an asthma attack any of the listed species.Bronchial asthma is directly related to airway obstruction and bronchial tubes gipeaktivnostyu.The cause choking (and asthma) is an inhaled allergen.The response of the organism, which is trying to get rid of unwanted substances or keep them on leads to a spasm of large and small bronchi, which causes choking.

Suffocation can be caused by pneumothorax.This is a condition in which a small amount of air in the pleural cavity accumulates due to leakage problems or damage to the lungs of the chest wall.Spontaneous pneumothorax is small can disappear on their own.But severe pneumothorax can potentially cause folding of the lung, which can lead to serious consequences.This requires medical intervention. If you have a asthma attack, call an ambulance.Try not to panic.

sharp asthma attack may indicate myocardial infarction.It occurs when a clot gets to tear into the coronary arteries, clogging them.Blood from an artery so no longer flow to the heart, depriving it of oxygen replenishment.Without it, the portion of the heart can survive only half an hour, after which there is the death of myocardial cells, the site of which is followed by scarring, which prevents heart muscles function properly, impeding or slowing down the transfer of blood (and oxygen) in the body.