Why does nephrite jade

divided into primary and secondary.

Primary nephritis occurs due to genetic abnormalities.

Secondary view arises:

1. Acute diseases such as SARS, tonsillitis, scarlet fever;

2. Chronic infection - chronic tonsillitis, caries;

3. Weakened immune system;

4. Fatigue;

5. Hypothermia;

6. When pregnancy.

disease develops 15-20 hours after acute infection.

How does Jade:

When acute course:

1. Heat;

2. The observed muscle pain;

3. Chills;

4. Nausea;

5. Vomiting;

6. Headache;

7. Often there is confusion;

8. pain;

9. abdominal muscles more tense;

10. The urine can be seen with the naked eye flakes.Change the transparency, the urine becomes cloudy;

11. Frequent painful urination;

12. The frequency of nighttime urination increases.

In chronic course:

1. There are unreasonable rises in temperature;

2. Changes complexion, he tsanovitsya earthy;

3. Increased sweating, wh

ich is celebrated at night;

4. Dry skin;

5. loss of appetite;

6. Reduced rabostosposobnnost appear goloynve pain, fatigue;

7. Increased blood pressure;

8. Nausea, sometimes accompanied by vomiting;

9. Unpleasant pain;

10. Increased nocturnal urination;

11. Frequent urination that occur with painful oschuschenieyami;

12. Turbid urine with flakes.As

diagnosed nephritis

1. Urinalysis;

2. Ultrazvukovae of the kidneys;

3. Biochemical analysis of blood;

4. Analysis by Nechiporenko;

5. Medical history.

What kinds of jade there?

There are glomerulonephritis, interstitial nephritis and pyelonephritis.

Glomerulonephritis - going inflammation of the glomeruli.He is acute and chronic.

pyelonephritis - disease develops when a bacterial infection.That type of nephritis are sick more often women.The disease may be acute or chronic.He manifested a high temperature, low back pain and vomiting.

Interstitsealny jade .Disturbed kidney function, affects the renal tubular and renal tissue.Kind of jade is caused by the rubella virus or chickenpox.

How is Jade?

Treatment is prescribed depending on the form of jade.In acute during bed rest must be observed.Appointed diet with the only restriction of fluid.

with pyelonephritis efficiently antibiotics - penicillin, kefazon gentamicin.

nephritis patients should always be observed in statsionPare.

To check the general condition of the patient is carried out vrterialnogo pressure measurement.With increased numbers are assigned diuretics, such as furosemide.

Intoxication appoint detoxification

If conservative treatment does not work, then surgery is performed on opening formed ulcers.

nephritis Complications

1. Acute heart failure;

2. Eclampsia;

3. Acute renal failure;

4. Krovoizvleyaniya to the brain;

5. due to spasm of blood vessels can be coming blindness;

Preventive measures

1. Hardening of the organism;

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.


In general, the prognosis is favorable nephritis.Only 20% of chronic nephritis acquires.In other cases, there is a full recovery.The lethal outcome is only with the development of acute renal failure, and a brain haemorrhage.