cervix - this is the place of the vagina to the uterus.It is covered with a cell epithelium.If the layer of epithelium found redness, abrasions or sores, this state is called erosion.The disease usually occurs without any symptoms.Sometimes there may be a slight separation after intimacy, or short-term pain, but not always and not necessarily.Most often, a woman Blindside this diagnosis when the next survey at the gynecologist.
erosion is of two types: true and pseudo, it is called ectopic.True erosion occurs as a result of mechani
cal damage during inspection of the cervix or sexual intercourse, after an inflammatory or infectious diseases of the genital organs, in the presence of a viral infection.But it is quite rare.Ectopia - a common form.The most common cause of its occurrence are hormonal disorders.
How to get pregnant erosion?The answer to this question is unambiguous and simple paradox.If there are no other obstacles to pregnancy, the usual way that people use since the days of Adam and Eve.Erosion should not be overlooked, it requires medical supervision and a specific treatment.But pregnancy is a condition absolutely not an obstacle.Erosion as a cause of infertility can be treated only if the woman but this diagnosis, health is all right, but the pregnancy did not occur.
second question: to treat or not to treat erosion?Sometimes erosion takes place spontaneously.This applies to ectopic.But in most cases, treatment is required.Options and duration of treatment depend on the situation.If erosion is detected during the ensuing pregnancy, the treatment is usually transferred to the postpartum period.An exception may be only very large area of ‚Äč‚Äčepithelial damage.Pregnancy in the erosion should be more closely observed gynecologist.Since there is, albeit minimal chance of cancers.
pregnancy only if it is planned to treat the erosion better.But also only if the focus of considerable dimensions.Small erosion usually treated after birth.The fact that after the procedure on the cervix while becomes less flexible and may be subject to tearing during childbirth.
time and method of treatment of erosion should be determined by the physician.Self-medication and the advice of a friend, in this case completely irrelevant.