you need
  • - Borovoy of the uterus;
  • - vodka;
  • - Rhodiola chetyrehnadreznaya;
  • - bloodroot goose;
  • - yarrow herb;
  • - nettle leaves;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - the root of cinquefoil;
  • - grass Burnet.
for infertility treatment, prepare a tincture of upland uterus.Bay 4 tablespoons upland uterus half a liter of alcohol 70% health, put infuse for 14 days in a dark place.The filtered and squeeze the rest of the plant via a two-layere
d cheesecloth, pour the filtrate into a single dish.Take a tablespoon of tincture, dissolved in ½ cup of warm water three times a day for half an hour before eating or 2 hours after.The treatment time depends on the illness and may last up to six months, one week apart at the end of each month.
greatly enhanced therapeutic effect on a woman's body in the treatment of infertility simultaneous reception of upland uterus with Rhodiola chetyrehnadreznoy.Admission is carried out in four stages.Take a tablespoon of chopped herbs upland uterus and Rhodiola Bay half a liter of boiling water, leave in a warm place for an hour.Naturally cool, strain and take 15 ml of an hour before a meal, as follows: in the morning - up to 9 hours, at lunchtime - at 14 o'clock in the evening - not later than 19 hours.Infusion seized a small amount of honey.Course of treatment: the first stage - 2 weeks of receiving, 1 week - a break.The second and third stage - 2 weeks of taking 2 weeks break.The fourth stage - 3 weeks reception.
When infertility due to inflammation of the urogenital system, prepare the next collection.Take 2 of the upland uterus, yarrow, nettle leaves, the root of cinquefoil, herbs Chernogolovka, one part calendula flowers, herbs Potentilla goose, cut ingredients and stir.Pour 50 grams of vodka and half a liter of gathering, insisted 14 days in a dark place, filter.Take 35-40 drops, dissolved in 50 ml of water, 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal.The course of treatment - 3-6 months, with a break during the critical days.