If you went into labor immediately call an ambulance.Already it should take you to the maternity hospital.The hospital did not take it with any extra things, but easily washable slippers and a cell phone (which you have at birth is likely to be taken away and put in the safe, but it may be necessary for emergency contact).
For starters, remember that if you went into labor, you can go to any maternity hospital.Not for someone not attached any district maternity hospital, regardless of whether you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, have you registered in this town, and if you have a
policy of compulsory medical insurance, you have the right to give birth in any hospital.If you went into labor, then you are obliged to take in the hospital.But there are some features.
Take him to the hospital proper medical records.In case you have not been observed during pregnancy by a gynecologist during pregnancy in their female advice or any other clinic, in any hospital you still have to provide medical care, but you will be transferred to another maternity ward.
In that case, if you have any serious diseases, such as diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system and kidneys, you will also be transferred to other, specialized hospital.There is also a maternity home for pregnant women who went into labor prematurely, that is, up to thirty-six weeks.If you have seen one of these cases, it is in one of these maternity hospitals it should take you.
You can advance to conclude an agreement with one of the maternity hospitals working on a contractual basis.If you have no choice and you have to go to a hospital without signing any agreement, and there, too, you will have medical care, but then, after the birth of your baby, you will not be there to watch and be moved to a regular hospital.
If you entered into a contract with the maternity ward, there you will be required to take, regardless of the circumstances.Lung
your birth, luck and health to you and your child!