«Faringosept" - a description

drug is prescribed for the treatment of stomatitis, pharyngitis, gingivitis, tonsillitis and stomatitis.Also, it is recommended as a prevention of complications after tooth extraction and tonsillectomy.

antiseptic effect on pathogenic microorganisms, damaging their structure - proteins and membranes."Faringosept" is only valid in the place where he was, so it is safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.

drug is available in the form of lozenges 10 mg.Typically one package contains 20 tablets.Also the adjuvants include lozenges - lactose and sucrose.People with diabetes should consider the sugar contained in the prepa
ration.In addition, the drug can not be taken for patients with lactose intolerance."Faringosept" has no side effects.Only contraindicated in allergic reactions to the components of an antiseptic.

«Faringosept" - instructions

drug acts only in the mouth.If properly used, it does not get into the blood and breast milk.Nursing mothers should lozenges dissolve slowly, they can not chew or swallow.When resorption occurs saliva production, which eliminates the dryness of the mouth and throat, pain when swallowing and sore.

Antiseptic taking 3 hours before a meal or after 30 minutes after a meal.Dosage appointed doctor and it must comply with the general condition of women, and may differ slightly from that indicated in the instructions.The usual dose ranges from 3 to 5 lozenges per day.The course of treatment is 4 days.Excess dosage of the drug does not increase, and can also cause undesirable allergic reactions.Therefore it is necessary to follow strictly the instructions.

effect does not occur immediately, as the drug reaches its maximum concentration in saliva 3-5 days.However, the method of "Faringosept" in the early stages of inflammatory diseases in the future will save from the use of unwanted breastfeeding antibacterial drugs for which it is necessary to stop lactation.

Thus, "Faringosept" for nursing mothers is an effective and safe option for the treatment of diseases of the throat.The drug can be used in virtually any person, except for infants and early childhood when the baby still can not resolve candies.