Instructions for Use "Menovazin»

drug "Menovazin" is used as a local anesthetic with muscle pain, neuralgia (pain caused by nerve damage), and arthralgia (joint pain)."Menovazin" is also used as a antipruritic agent for skin dermatoses.

procaine (Novocain) and benzocaine, a part of the drug, possess analgesic effect, they prevent the emergence in the nerve fibers of pain impulses.Menthol on the skin irritates nerve endings, dilates superficial blood vessels, improves the analgesic effect of procaine and benzocaine, relieves itching, creates a sensation of coolness."Menovazin" is issued in the form of an ointment and a solution.

ointment and a solution "Menovazin" used externally.The drug applied to the skin located over the affected area and triturated.We do not recommend the use of "Menovazin" more than 3-4 weeks.The course of treatment can be repeat
ed after some time.The solution "Menovazin" is used in folk medicine for hypertension: medication lubricate the skin in areas of the neck to the ear twice a day. Because the drug is used externally, it does not enter the systemic circulation.

contraindications, side effects "Menovazin»

contraindicated application of the drug on the damaged skin or skin inflammation.When using "Menovazin" to avoid contact with eyes.Do not use "Menovazin" during pregnancy.With careful use of funds from lactating women, children and adolescents under the age of eighteen.

To eliminate back pain, joint instead of "Menovazin" during pregnancy using other medications recommended by your doctor."Menovazin" does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and do obviously hazardous activities that require increased attention and psychomotor speed reactions. «Menovazin" should be stored in a dark place, inaccessible to children at temperature not exceeding 15 ° C.Shelf life - two years.

«Menovazin" in reviews can have side effects: may cause contact dermatitis, allergic reactions.Prolonged use is likely lowering the blood pressure, the appearance of fatigue, headaches, dizziness.If you have problems with blood pressure medication should be repealed.With increasing any side effects, seek medical advice.No cases of overdose have been identified."Menovazin" is sold without a prescription.