¬ęComplivit" was created taking into account the peculiarities of the national diet and makes up for the deficit in the body of important vitamins and minerals.It does not contain high doses of trace elements and the course is suitable for prophylactic use.In manufacture the separate granulation technology, which allows to combine vitamins and minerals in one tablet without compromising the ability of mastering their body.
tablets recommended for use once a day, one at a time during or after eating, drinking enough water for better absorption of the drug.Prescribed by a doctor is allowed to increase the dose to two tablets a day.But do it carefully and closely follow the changes and the response of the organism.
There are also children's form "Complivit" -konfety for older children and suspension for infants.Vitamin sweets can give the child at any time, but no more than one piece at the reception.For preparing the slurry is poured into a bottle put powder which before use is necessary first to pour 2/3 vial and mixed with warm water and then to add water to the brim.Thereafter, the contents were stirred and gives the child directly or added to a food blend or milk.
line drugs "Complivit" provides various forms of release and purpose.Vitamins and minerals it picked up by gender ("Complivit women 45+", "Complivit mom", "Complivit trimestrum", "Complivit Lights"), age ("Complivit for kids", "Complivit for Children"), diseases("Complivit diabetes") and lifestyle ("Complivit asset", "Complivit anti-stress", "Complivit ophthalmo") different people.
Instructions for use vitamins "Complivit" recommends the use of their courses.To prevent hypervitaminosis every two to three weeks of use take a break for a week or two.
Like any drugs for health, vitamins at "Complivit" there are contraindications.Avoid them at an elevated blood sugar or problems with his assimilation in the body.Coated tablets "Complivit" includes fructose, and therefore may cause disorders in patients with these problems.This does not apply to the drug "Complivit diabetes", created specifically for patients with or predisposed to the disease.