How to choose a contraceptive candles

the main active ingredient of contraceptive vaginal suppositories are nonoxynol, benzalkonium chloride or boric acid.They all have about the same spermicidal effect, which is approximately 80% protection against unwanted pregnancy.Use birth control candle before intercourse, the rate of sexual intercourse 1 - 1 candle.Compared with oral hormonal contraceptives, which need to drink every day, the use of vaginal suppositories can be cost-effective. Usually contraceptives candles do not have a strong odor, but the market can find a spermicide with the smell of scented roses, lavender or lemon (for example, "Eroteks").

to select and buy the most suitable products, pay attention to their features.Contraceptive candles can be melt ('Sterilin' 'Farmateks ") or foaming (for example," P
atenteks Oval ").Melting spermicides dissolved by body temperature, and distributed in the form of a film on the surface of the vagina.Foaming candles are distributed more evenly, their local irritant effect is less pronounced.If candles are used contraceptives too often, they can disrupt the normal vaginal flora.In this case it is recommended buy spermicides with addition of lactic acid (such as "nonoxynol").

negative aspects of contraceptive suppositories

Spermicides are active chemicals, so they often cause side effects, manifested by local irritation, burning, itching of one or both sexual partners.Action spermicides neutralized with an alkaline solution (including soap).On of them can not be relied upon if there is a need to carefully washed away before and after sex.Moreover, solutions suppositories may flow out of the vagina and leave stains on the laundry. In some cases, such as the presence of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, the use of contraceptive suppositories contraindicated.

for contraceptives candle has a neutralizing effect of some drugs to be administered vaginally.In such cases, safer to use a condom.To contraceptive effect of candles to be effective, since the introduction of spermicide before intercourse must be at least 10-15 minutes.This is the negative side of using candles, because there is no possibility of instant sexual gratification.