flu enters the body through the respiratory tract, affecting the cells of the ciliated epithelium.Viruses can be inhaled or enter unwashed hands to the mucosa, where they are introduced and actively share, after the release into the bloodstream.Influenza occurs rapidly - by the time the bacteria entering the body before the onset of the clinical picture extends from a few hours to 3 days.
most common flu begins with a strong congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa.After viruses fall below the airway, causing the defeat of the throat and lungs.Sore throat and coughing - the main symptoms of the flu.
as the virus spreads in the body of the patient begins to feel pain in the joints, fever.Sympt
oms grow in the first few days, but with 3-5 days of illness is declining, unless there are complications.
Influenza, unlike many bacterial infections, proceeds with chills and fever, which can reach the mark above 39 degrees.Take acetaminophen-containing drugs at a lower temperature is shown only for children and the elderly.
high temperature and the presence of the virus in the patient's blood can provoke breakage of small blood vessels, blood clots and other problems.That is why it is important to take as much fluid and angioprotectors.
If the flu gives complications that usually marked when the patient does not comply with bed rest, there may be pneumonia, ear infections, kidney problems, liver, nervous system, etc.
Although influenza and provokes serious health problems in rare cases, do not fully believe that it will not affect you.If you feel bad, you are concerned about a lot of pain and fever, visit the therapist.
Treatment of influenza - etiotropic and symptomatic.Defeat the virus will help antivirals.Remove the nasal congestion may be using the vasoconstrictor drops.Chills, joint pain, swelling of the mucous membranes, weakness can be eliminated by taking a symptomatic agents.And you can do it all with one product - a modern Russian preparation "AnviMaks", which is recommended by leading physicians.The present composition of the whole complex of substances that help to improve health and speed healing and to fight the virus.
not take any pills, if you drink "AnviMaks."It optimum dose of paracetamol angioprotectors, vitamin C and antihistamines.In addition, there is "rimantadine" that destroys the structure of the virus and preventing it from dividing.The drug also has interferonogenic action, increasing the body's resistance.