cause of adhesions can become excessive intimate hygiene.At constant podmyvanii with soap and frequent friction, wearing tight clothing mucous membrane of the vulva is easily injured, becauseit is very thin.The healing process takes place fusion of the labia minora - so there are adhesions in girls.
Some children are adhesions cause an infection in the urogenital tract.Infection occurs during inflammation which leads to the seam.The risk of this disease is very high in allergic reactions of the body, asallergy affects not only the skin but also the mucosa.
complications of pregnancy is one of the main causes of adhesions have babies.Therefore, if the pregnancy proceeded with intrauterine infection, severe preeclampsia, mother should visit a gynecologist child once the chi
ld turns a year.
When adhesions girl often complain of pain and difficulty urinating, sometimes a trickle of urine strikes female under any angle.In the area of ​​the vulva may be redness.With careful breeding of the labia majora can be seen that small lips opened like petals and pressed against each other to a greater or lesser extent.
for suspected adhesions should immediately seek help from a children's gynecologist, becauseThe disease provokes inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia, as well as cystitis and urethritis.
Before prescribe treatment, the physician must identify the cause of the disease.For this, smear taken from the vagina to the tank sowing, urine, feces.If the form is easy adhesions, the surgical intervention is usually not necessary.In such cases, the gynecologist appoints hormonal ointment in a specific pattern that must be applied strictly through adhesion of the labia for 2-4 weeks.After the disappearance of adhesions ointment changed to sterile mineral oil, which should be applied for the prevention of adhesion of the labia minora and relapse seam.
If there is a large area of ​​the seam and disrupted the flow of urine, the method of surgical treatment.Surgery is the division of adhesions under local anesthesia.When strong adhesions of the labia, beyond the separation, have resorted to surgery under general anesthesia.
After treatment of the disease in girls, it is necessary to comply with preventive measures.It is cleaning the front to the back, not to bring an infection in the genitals, wearing underwear made of natural fabrics, as well as timely checkups pediatric gynecologist.