causes and types of flatfoot

use special shoes can be an effective method in the treatment of flatfoot, regardless of the type and stage of deformity.But before you select shoes or insoles, you should consult with an orthopedic surgeon.The most common is a static flat, which is found in over 82% of cases.Changes in this type of disease occurs, usually due to weakness of the muscles of the ankle, as well as bone and ligamentous apparatus.One of the factors in the development of flat feet - regular wearing the wrong shoes, such as shoes with too high heels or sneakers.

Special shoes as a method of treatment of deformity

Therapeutic shoes feature a pretty high demands on its functionality and structure.It is made exclusively from natural materials.materials.In such a shoe back and the midfoo
t firmly fixed with a hard backdrop and upper stabilizers and insoles insoles effectively supports the arch of the foot.

Despite the fact that select and purchase therapeutic shoes need only after a visit to the doctor, there are general recommendations of experts, relevant for any form of flatfoot.For example, you should choose products made of leather, which should be soft enough.Shoes should have a small heel.Valid for flat and sports shoes from quality manufacturers.Women orthopedists recommend limiting the use of too high heels (especially the studs) and platforms, because the load is distributed to them on the foot evenly.

use orthopedic insoles

When the primary forms of deformity, doctors often recommend orthotics.They are able to effectively adjust the structural changes in the arch of the foot properly distribute the load on the muscles.This prevents overloading any parts of the musculoskeletal system.Wear orthotics recommended permanently, inserting them in the street and in house shoes.

In some cases, shows a combination of orthopedic shoes and insoles specially made.It is important to remember that only a doctor can recommend special shoes or insoles required patient. Using someone else's orthopedic shoes, especially made individually, can greatly exacerbate the strain and lead to additional problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Properly fitted insoles, as well as orthopedic footwear, supports both longitudinal and transverse arch of the foot, increase the stability while walking, can significantly improve blood circulation in the feet and reduce fatigue after a long walk or find standing.As a result, the stop is fixed in the correct position and the tension of the muscles of the foot is distributed uniformly.In addition to the therapeutic effect of decreasing the load on the joints and spine, patients improves overall health, and become comfortable wearing shoes.

Orthopedic shoes as prevention flatfoot

use of orthopedic shoes effectively and to prevent deformity, ie development of flat feet, as well as the treatment of heel spurs, various pathological changes in the fingers and corns.Properly matched shoes can significantly reduce the burden on joints of the leg and spine in general.

insoles - Special orthopedic insole, which is necessary to maintain the flattened arch - or cross.With significant changes in the instep should be made individually, taking into account the anatomical features of the patient's foot.Application of arch support is one of the most effective treatments.Wearing such shoes regularly, when an unpleasant or painful sensations, seek medical advice. Shortly after the beginning of the use of therapeutic footwear, you must re-appear a podiatrist - a specialist will be able to identify and assess the positive dynamics, as well as the correct treatment.

Before you buy shoes, it is important to test it in a different position - sitting, standing, walking.Feet should be comfortable.That sense of feet in different shoes to help make the right choice.We should not forget that the shoes should be room to move your fingers well.Otherwise there is a risk of additional deformity that will exacerbate already existing flat.When choosing shoes, it is also necessary to try both the left and right shoe, to walk in them.