composition "Antigrippin»

There are several varieties of this drug having a different composition, "Antigrippin", "Antigrippin ANVI", "Antigrippin maximum" and "Antigrippin children."The structure of "Antigrippin" includes acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine maleate, and ascorbic acid.Paracetamol has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect, chlorpheniramine maleate has a sedative effect, relieves symptoms of allergies, reduce the production of mucus.Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is an antioxidant, has immunomodulatory effects.

In "Antigrippin ANVI" includes aspirin, diphenhydramine, metamizole sodium, calcium gluconate, ascorbic acid, Rutoside.Metamizole sodium, and aspirin are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which have an analgesic and antipyretic effect.Diphenhydramine reduces swelling, relieves spasms, relieves breathing, has anti-allergic, a sedative and
a local anesthetic effect.

into "Antigrippin maximum" includes ascorbic acid, lactose, paracetamol, loratadine, rimantadine, calcium gluconate, Rutoside.Rimantadine has a strong antiviral effect and inhibits pathogens influenza A virus of the first and second types of encephalitis.Loratadine has anti-allergic effect, relieves itching.Rutoside reduces the permeability and fragility of blood vessels, reduces the inflammation and swelling of tissues, improves. Calcium gluconate belongs to "Antigrippin maximum", removes puffiness, eliminates the symptoms of allergies.

«Antigrippin children" is a homeopathic remedy, which is based on vegetable and mineral components.The drug has analgesic, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory effect, very good for colds and coughs.

«Antigrippin": indications and contraindications

All kinds of medicines, except for the drug for children, produced in the form of tablets and powder."Antigrippin children" produced in homeopathic granules.The drug is indicated for the treatment of symptoms of influenza, acute respiratory illness accompanied by fever, headache, sore throat, swelling of the nasal mucosa.The drug is very good for bacterial, viral and allergic rhinitis. «Antigrippin children" can not be given to children under the age of one year.

«Antigrippin", "Antigrippin ANVI", "Antigrippin maximum" are contraindicated in gastric ulcer, severe violations of liver and kidney function, viral hepatitis, angle-closure glaucoma, leukopenia, anemia during pregnancy and lactation.