most popular and safe medicines for heartburn are antacids - medicines that neutralize the hydrochloric acid.On sale you can find a lot of drugs in this group.In the body, they are the same and differ only by the manufacturer, the name and price.Such drugs include: "Almagel" "Gastal" "Maalox" "Gastracid" "Fosfalyugel" "Rennie," "Rutatsid" "Tisatsid".They are sold without a prescription.Antacids are recommended to drink during a brief and occasional heartburn is not accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms and abdominal discomfort.They do not take as a preventive measure.
disadvantages of antacids are short-term action (not more than two hours), and the appearance of side effects (constipation or diarrhea).These drugs do not cure the cause of
heartburn and do not protect against repeat attacks.Frequent and prolonged intake of antacids can cause a violation of mineral metabolism.In pregnancy, they can drink only in extreme cases, they are also contraindicated in children under 6 years.One should also consider the fact that antacids influence the effectiveness of other drugs.
heartburn also use antisecretory drugs that reduce the production of hydrochloric acid (proton pump inhibitors).These include "omeprazole", "Omez", "Losek", "Ortanol", "Ultop", "Gastrozol", "Omitoks", "Esomeprazole", "Nexium".These drugs can be drunk only on prescription in the event that antacids and diet did not lead to a reduction in the frequency of occurrence and intensity of heartburn.Proton pump inhibitors are longer than antacids.At regular reception they prevent repeated attacks of unpleasant symptoms.The disadvantages of these agents are more serious side effects.Antisecretory drugs should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation.
heartburn can be used histamine H2 receptor blockers, which have antiulcer action, inhibit secretion of acid and reduces the volume of gastric juice.These include: "Ranitidine", "Gistak", "Ranisan", "Zantac", "famotidine".These drugs are taken only on prescription.To get rid of heartburn, you can take a drug from the group of GI motility stimulants ("Domperidone", "Motilak" "Motilium").These drugs do not affect the acidity of the stomach contents, but they help to reduce the symptoms of reflux and have an antiemetic effect.