drug "piracetam" is made in the form of tablets and injection.Pills "piracetam" take before meals.The drug should drink 3 times a day for 6-8 weeks.Typically, at the beginning of therapy administered 800 mg "Pyracetam".Upon the occurrence of a single dose of improvements can be gradually reduced to 400 mg.

exact dosage depends on the severity of disease and the body weight of the patient and makes - 30-160 mg / kg per day.The frequency of drug administration can range from 2 to 4 times a day, and treatment in some cases, may last up to 6 months.In the treatment of acute cerebral circulatory disorders, withdrawal syndrome, coma daily dose is - 9-12, with the maintenance therapy take 1,2-4,8 g of the drug per day.

Children appoint "piracetam" at the rate of 30-50 mg / kg body weight per day.The daily dose should be used for 2-3 hours.When lowering learning the dosage may be increased to 3.3 g per day.Treatment should last at least 3 weeks.Giving medication to children can be 1 year.

«Piracetam" in ampoules is administered intravenously and intramuscularly.The initial dosage is 10 g per day.In severe states of dose can be increased up to 12 g per day while the medicine to be administered into a vein drip 20-30 minutes.After improving the dosage should be gradually reduced, and go to the drug in tablets.


Reception "piracetam" is contraindicated in severe renal failure, hemorrhagic stroke, intolerance of any constituent funds.Do not take the drug during lactation, and to give his children up to 1 year.Children with diabetes and a history of allergies, as well as pregnant women to use the "piracetam" only on the testimony of a doctor, with great care.


«Piracetam" helps improve cerebral blood flow, which arose due to various reasons.Also, the drug helps to activate the cognitive processes.In particular, according to the responses, the drug substantially improves memory and attention - both in children and in the elderly.If you have problems sleeping, evening dose "piracetam" should be attached to the daily.Use pereparat without consulting a doctor is not recommended.

Among side effects have been reported with the treatment "piracetam" - increased irritability, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbances, headache, tremors, convulsions, motor disinhibition, increased sexual activity.Pain may also occur in the stomach, vomiting, nausea, disorders of the chair.Side effects tend to occur at a daily dose greater than 5 g