General recommendations

Before you go to the pharmacy for antidepressants, it is important to identify the causes of problems.Depression, as well as a decrease in vitality, lethargy, apathy, nervousness and crying (as well as other manifestations of mental illness) can be caused by various factors.For example, such violations are accompanied by certain infectious diseases occurring is hidden, that is, sometimes to eliminate the true causes of depression requires a full medical examination.

Among medication antidepressants distinguish stimulating and sedating (mechanism of action on the psyche of the patient).Many antidepressants are sold without prescription and pharmacies, are made of plant-based.Thistle scratchy, lemongrass, Maral root, Rhodiola rosea everlasting - a part of these and other herbs include active substances, effectively raising the
tone and gets rid of a bad mood, feelings of depression, and normal sleep and appetite.

choice of specific drugs

list of drugs that have a similar effect, extensive.However, buying and taking them is deliberate - only after studying the instructions, especially the indications and contraindications.

In milder forms of depression can start with a combination of tinctures of valerian and Leonurus sold freely.Such a mixture, the dosage is calculated according to the age and weight of the patient, can help with sleep disorders, anxiety and feelings of anxiety.Pretty safe drug, according to experts, can also be considered "Depero ', which increases as the mood and performance.The active ingredient in its composition is St. John's wort. important to remember that after taking the drugs properly selected patients with the condition may worsen, so even before the acquisition of non-prescription medications such profile should consult a doctor.

Among the drugs that are used in long-term depressed mood, psychomotor retardation, apathy and anxiety, can be distinguished "Maprotiline" (or "Ladiomil").With increased nervous irritability, which is accompanied by insomnia and irritability recommend "Persia", which consists of various components of vegetable origin.When depressive states arising in those who have decided to quit smoking or to give up drinking, you can stop the choice on "afobazole" or buy "Zyban" (also known under the trade names "Nousmok" or "Wellbutrin"). Only a comprehensive approach, as we are assured the doctors, it is possible to cope with depression and its various manifestations.

Doctors warn welcome even the most effective antidepressants is not a guaranteed solution to the problems.Often medical treatment is combined with other recommendations - on the effective load distribution and the revision to the daily routine of daily exercise and vitamin therapy.