Vitamins are essential for normal functioning of the human body.They support the work at the optimal level of the immune and nervous systems, growth and development, is an important participant metabolism.Together vitamins to cope with the problems of the body much faster than one by one.Malnutrition leads to lack of vitamins immediately.Therefore, experts at hypovitaminosis often prescribe vitamin complexes.

B vitamins in the composition of dietary supplements

modern pharmacy chain offers consumers a wide range of B vitamins in pills.

Brewer's yeast due to the content of vitamins in skin relieve acne, improve the condition of hair and nails, regulate glucose levels and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

«Doppelgerts Active Magnesium plus Vitamin B" - supplement containing B vitamins and magnesium.Their interaction affects the great work of all organs and systems.Vitamin B together with magnesium normalize metabolic processes, improve heart and blood circulation, dilates blood vessels, a positive effect on the nervous system, have anti-stress effect, stabilize blood glucose.Dietary supplement has a number of contraindications: pregnancy and breast-feeding, individual intolerance of components.

«Alphabet" - supplement with B vitamins in pills.Application B vitamins much faster in tablet has a therapeutic effect than the use of a variety of products.Even saturated power does not always satisfy the needs of vitamins and trace elements, which may lead to disturbances in the nervous system and brain.Vitamins from food, do not have time to accumulate and rapidly excreted.To maintain the optimal amount and ratio in the body use vitamin B complex tablets that provide a person feel great.

B vitamins as part of medicaments

Currently, the most popular are certain medications that contain B vitamins

«Neyrobion" - a drug intended for the treatment of complex inflammation trigeminal neuralgia and neuritis, stressful conditionsand mild forms of depression.

«Neurovitan" has a positive effect on the nervous system."Vitrum superstress" shown to eliminate the effects of stress."B-50" is prescribed for diseases of the digestive system - cholecystitis, gastritis, gallstones and dysbiosis;organs of vision - a syndrome of "dry eye" and decreased visual acuity;stress, neurosis and depression;diseases of the skin, hair and nails.

«Neyromultivit" and "Neurodiclovit" - vitamin pills, which increase strength and endurance.