treatment of viral infections are usually symptomatic.It is important to start taking antibacterial drugs, which only weaken the body's immune response to the invading virus.In most SARS and influenza mainly occurs naturally increase the production of interferon.
advisable not to lower the temperature, which varies in the range of 38 ° C.If you feel a strong pain in his joints and muscle weakness, take "AnviMaks", which will significantly improve the overall well-being.
Note that in the preparation "AnviMaks" paracetamol is present, which not only reduces the temperature, but also reduces the intensity of pain.Calcium gluconate, ascorbic acid and Rutoside reduce capillary fragility.
"Rimantadine" effective for influenza A virus, and induces the production of interferons.Combined the drug helps by the complex approach to the treatment of SARS and influenza.Like any other drug, "AnviMaks" has a number of limitations and contraindications.If you doubt
Since viral infections is a symptomatic therapy, watch your health.With a cold rinse the nasal passages easier brine after use vasoconstrictor drops - the duration of their use should not be more than 5 days.
relieve pain in the throat to help rinse.Dissolve 5-7 g of salt in a glass of boiling water, add a little soda and a few drops of iodine.Gargle 3-5 times a day.If this is not possible, resolving lozenges or use sprays that do not contain antibiotics.
If you have a low-grade fever, start warming.To do this, pour into a bowl of hot, but not boiling water, soak feet for 5-10 minutes, put on socks and lie down in bed.When there are no problems with the cardiovascular system, it is possible to take a bath with the addition of an essential oil of fir.
Try to drink plenty of water.If you are concerned expressed intoxication, drink mineral water, in which the high salt content.But be careful, as this can cause swelling.Do not interfere, juice, natural juice and other beverages.
often after the treatment of viral infections, bacterial complications arise.If you are concerned about long-term, more than 4 days, nasal congestion, cough, fever, should be returned to CBC.If necessary, the therapist prescribe antibiotics or other drugs.
to SARS and influenza have passed quickly and without complications, try to comply with bed rest.Take sick as viral infections, past "on their feet", may face very serious consequences.