Neuroses often called the disease of the century, as it is subject to most of the urban population of our planet.At the core of neurosis is a discrepancy between the representation of the human world, his place in life and reality.The most common occurrence of neurosis provoke insoluble contradictions between the individual and for her significant events.This painful condition is called a neurotic conflict.


neuroses neuroses do not lead to mental disorders, but it is very draining, and provoke the emergence and development of many physical illnesses.So today, a lot of attention paid to the timely diagnosis of neuroses.In adults, to distinguish between three forms of neurosis:
- neurasthenia is expressed in over-sensitivity to bright lights
, loud noises, which is combined with rapid fatigue and inattention;
- hysteria is characterized by excessive emotional sensibility, theatrical sense, the high heat of experiences;
- obsessive-compulsive disorder is manifested in constant anxiety for minor reasons and committed the same repetitive actions, such as the fear of contracting a serious disease combined with unreasonably frequent hand washing.

Prevention and treatment of neuroses

Adherence of the day, a balanced diet, regular intake of vitamins, physical training and breathing practices reduce the likelihood of neuroses.If you are in a stressful situation, fraught with the development of neurotic conflict, it is recommended not to drive into the problem and try to solve it by any means.

to remove the emotional tension perfect soothing various fees, such as:
- herb rue, adonis, Danish astragalus, valerian root, grass or flowers yarrow (1 tablespoon), pour 300 ml of water;
- 6 g of sodium bromide, valerian root, lily of the valley flowers, grass motherwort ordinary (1 tablespoon) pour 200 ml of water.

However, the mere use of sedative drugs charges and will not help remove the neurosis.Valerian and motherwort great help for insomnia, low stress, but such mental disorders as a neurosis, they are not able to cure.

that developed neurosis are treated in different ways, but each of them must combine psychological support, rationalization of work and rest and medication.It should be remembered that select the optimal Regimen and assign the necessary physiotherapy doctor can only.Self in this case leads to only exacerbate the problem.