you need
  • - «Karsil";
  • - water.
Take "Karsil" on prescription in toxic liver cell damage, alcoholism, intoxication halogenated hydrocarbons, salts of heavy metals, drugs.In the combined therapy can be used "Karsil" for the treatment of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and fatty degeneration, disorders of lipid metabolism.
hepatoprotector Pharmacological action aimed at interaction with free radicals.These compounds are less toxic, interrupted the pathological process of lipid peroxidation, which helps stop the destruction of the cellular structures of the liver.The process of regeneration of cells vital organ is greatly accelerated, the condition of patients improves laboratory values ​​return to normal.
Dragees and capsules "CARS" taken after meals.The drug should drink plenty of fluids, do not chew.In severe liver problems, the dose is 0.14 g 3-4 times a day.One week recommended dose reduction "CARS" to 0.7 g, and the multiplicity of reception 2-3 times a day.As a maintenance therapy Take 0.07 g of the drug up to 3 times a day.
«Karsil" in the form of a solution for use preroralnogo prescribed to elderly patients and children.In severe liver damage dose is 5 ml of the solution and dosing frequency to 5 times per day.As a maintenance therapy dose of solution was reduced to 1 mL and dosing frequency of 2-3 times.Dose adjustment is not required for children.
Upon receipt of "CARS" may develop side effects.The drug can have a pronounced laxative effect.If the chair and the multiplicity of shapeless liquid bowel movements more than 6 times a day, the dose should be reduced or hepatoprotector stop taking the drug and consult your doctor to review treatment strategies.In addition, the reception hepatoprotectors plant can provoke allergic reactions.It should take into account people who are prone to allergies.
With prolonged use of "CARS" at the highest dose survival rate of patients with liver cirrhosis is significantly increased.Patients with diabetes can be prescribed "Karsil" only in the form of a solution.Dragees and capsules contain dextrose, which could trigger a change in the level of blood sugar.Before using any drugs, including "CARS", you must undergo a medical examination and obtain a doctor's recommendation.