Method of production preparation

Medicine "Sinupret" is available as film-coated tablets to be taken orally, with a little water.Also, the drug is released in the form of drops, which are also taken orally after dilution in water.Both forms have the same anti-inflammatory drug, and sekremotornoe secretolytic action.Also, the drug helps to eliminate mucus and pus from the sinus."Sinupret" is particularly effective in treating a variety of types of sinusitis.

The drug

medicine taken by mouth with water.Adults should take 2 tablets 3 times a day.The duration of treatment can be up to 2 weeks, it all depends on the diagnosis and treatment prescribed by a doctor.Often "Sinupret" is used as an adjuvant.In such a case, you should consul
t with your doctor about the dosage and administration of other medicines with this medicine.For school-age children are allowed to take 1 tablet 3 times a day.

children who are younger than 6 years old should be given "Sinupret" drops.For children 2-6 years should be diluted in a little cold or warm water 15 drops of medicine.The drug should be performed 3 times a day.School-age children can take the medicine 25 drops 3 times a day.The required dosage for adults - 50 drops three times a day.

Among the contraindications to the use of the drug appears lactose intolerance and children's age (up to 6 years in the pill).However, these restrictions may be disregarded in the treatment drops "Sinupret".Precautions should take the drug to people who suffer from diseases of the liver, epilepsy, brain injury.During pregnancy, the appointment of the drug is possible only under medical supervision.

Drops "Sinupret" contain small amounts of alcohol.Thus taking medication is not recommended for people suffering from alcoholism.

Among the possible adverse reactions to the active ingredients of the drug observed a rash, swelling, shortness of breath may occur.In some cases, the pain starts in the upper abdomen, nausea.When these symptoms should see a doctor for advice and replacement drug for the treatment of an alternative.It is not necessary to continue to receive in the event of any allergic reactions to the components of the "Sinupret".