What are sedatives

Sedatives or sedatives, drugs are divided into two categories.The first group includes those which are of vegetable origin, in which the active ingredient is an extract of valerian, motherwort, etc.The second category includes synthetic sedatives which, in turn, are subdivided into benzodiazepines and barbiturates.Also they have a calming effect and the first-generation antihistamines, which include, for example, diphenhydramine, having pronounced hypnotic effect.

How to take sedatives

Sedatives vegetable origin are sold in pharmacies without a prescription.To date, no studies, scientifically proving their effectiveness and supporting the safe dosage.However, this effect is, and the dosage should be observed those indicated in the instructions for use.The most pop
ular drug in this category is the valerian.Take it should not be with other sedatives or synthetic, not a vegetable.Doctors do not recommend to use it for a long time.

motherwort should not be taken during pregnancy, so as not to provoke a miscarriage.Herbal preparations kava kava, which is also sold in Russian pharmacies as a sedative, may not be used in Germany, Switzerland and Canada, as it adversely affects the liver.Side effects of Passiflora (passionflower) is not fixed, it is considered quite safe soothing herbal ingredient.But St. John's wort used in conjunction with oral contraceptives can not be - it neutralizes their effect.Sedatives plant is better to drink after a meal, so as not to provoke an upset stomach, or gastritis.

synthetic assets include barbiturates - Corvalol, valokardin and benzodiazepines - relanium, seduksen, diazepam.The first are relatively safe, but have a short duration of action.The second act longer, but they have many side effects and are addictive, so they should be taken strictly under the supervision of a physician, who will issue them a prescription.Synthetic drugs can be taken at any time, no matter before or after a meal.

Common recommendations include a reception sedatives: from 14:00 to 15:00, they are particularly effective.You can not combine their intake of alcohol, the consequences can be very serious.Do not drink grapefruit juice them, and drinks containing caffeine and tannin, which provoke the opposite effect and cause excessive excitement.