What are the eye drops

Eye drops are used to relieve the discomfort resulting from, for example, long work at the computer, and for the treatment of various eye diseases and the prevention of all kinds of ailments.There are several varieties of eye drops, designed to achieve a certain result.

Allergy eye drops only eliminate the symptoms, but do not have therapeutic effects on the eye. anti-inflammatory eye drops are used to relieve the state of eye cataract and various inflammations resulting from damage to the eye and scratches and are a consequence of the development of any d
isease, such as conjunctivitis.

Allergy eye drops well help with the appearance of allergic reactions in the eye, such as redness, itching, swelling, burning, watery eyes.

suspend the development of age-related changes of eye and prevent the development of degenerative processes are capable of special eye drops to activate the metabolic processes.These drugs help to penetrate into the eye of oxygen, vitamins and essential for normal functioning of organs of nutrients.

These unpleasant consequences of long work at the computer and extended wear contact lenses as redness, dryness, stinging and burning eyes to help eliminate the special moisturizing eye drops.These drugs have little or no side effects, and buy moisturizing eye drops, it is usually possible without a prescription.

antibacterial and antiviral eye drops are applied in the case of developing the disease cause by bacteria or viruses.Appoint such drugs can only be a specialist, based on the individual characteristics of the patient and the complexity of the situation.

The main disadvantage of using vasoconstrictor eye drops is highly addictive, so they should be used for a short time and only in the presence of unpleasant symptoms. In case of edema and redness of the eyes, which may be due to allergic reactions or sign of any disease, apply vasoconstrictor eyedrops.Within a few minutes, these miracle drugs can save people from disturbing its symptoms.

glaucoma eye drops are intended solely for the treatment of glaucoma.They significantly reduce the intraocular pressure, so they should be used only if prescribed by a specialist.

How to choose a good eye drops

Before you choose and buy those or other eye drops, check the integrity of their packaging, pay attention to the expiration date, and read the instructions on their use.Special attention in the selection of eye drops given to the study of these sections as a guide "How to use" and "Contraindications".

drops for the eyes, regardless of their type and purpose, should be used only on the advice of an experienced ophthalmologist.Only a specialist can determine exactly what medication is needed for a given situation, and to help select the really high quality, useful and effective eye drops.