Gynecologists are in favor of receiving the oral contraceptive pill as it can protect against pregnancy and even improve the condition of hair and nails female.Birth control should be selected individually, after inspection and testing.Of course, they are sold in pharmacies without a prescription, but still a consultation with a doctor is desirable.
All the contraceptives that are available in pharmacies are divided into 4 groups.First of all, it is popular mikrodozirovannye contraceptives.The dosage of ethinyl estradiol in them is 20 mkg.These tablets are suitable for the protection of pregnant girl, who did not give birth and have not reached the age of 25 years.Such tablets normalize the menstrual cycle of young girls, will help eliminate problems with acne, oily skin.Examples of tablets are "Three merci",
"Mersilon", "Yasmin", is the most high-quality and common drugs of this group.
Low-dose oral contraceptives are a combination of drugs.They combine ethinylestradiol in combination with another hormone: gestodene, levonorgestrel, desogestrel, and others.These drugs are prescribed for women who already have children, but now they want to protect.With increased growth of body hair, acne appears as gynecologists recommend that women taking low-dose contraceptives.These include "Regulon", "Janine", "Marvelon".
If a woman over 30 years old and has given birth, she will approach srednedozirovannye pills.They also refer to a combination of drugs, a second component which is often levonorgestrel."Diane-35", "Three regolith" - is the highest quality and proven their representatives.
last Wednesday of the combined drugs are vysokodozirovannye contraceptives: "Non ovlon", "Ovidon."They contain high doses of hormones, so show women over 35 and those who have hormonal disorders.
newest drugs that do not contain estrogen, called "mini-pill" is, of course, they have a less severe effect of contraception, so these drugs should be taken strictly at the same time.But they are excellent nursing women, without causing harm to the child."Chazoretta" and "Esklyuton" favorite tablets of this group.
As you can see, tablets of birth control at pharmacies, there are many, they only need to choose the right, to avoid the occurrence of side effects.